Do you have the (a) guidance (b) team and (c) tools to build unique Brands and Products for the global marketplace?


SYNERGY is a dynamic organization that helps mid-sized companies and startups build, launch, and brand its products into existing and emerging markets. We use modern technology, build the right team and define industry specific processes to execute measurable goals.



Strategic Planning

Entrepreneurs and business managers are often so preoccupied with immediate daily concerns that they lose sight of their ultimate objective. SYNERGY helps startups and mid-sized companies design, evaluate, and implement new growth strategies that provide long-term competitive advantages. With over 20 years of industry experience working with executive teams building trust, commitment, and accountability to achieving bottom line results is at the core of our mission. In this current technology-driven global economy, SYNERGY believes no company is 'small', it just hasn’t maximized its full potential!

Project Management

Experiencing the massive growth of information technology first hand within the past two decades, SYNERGY understands the complexities startups face managing their business infrastructure. Our team of industry experts understands that your company's success is not measured by your ability to conceive a great idea, but rather by your ability to implement it with reasonable timelines using efficient practices and technologies.

Reporting & Sales Management

SYNERGY believes that sales management is driven by targets and incentives. Providing your executive team and sales force with the right information in ‘real time’ energizes and motivates them to focus their targets and hence generate more revenue. Our proven system helps drive a culture of efficiency through effective utilization of your human capital and reduces sales costs.

Outsourcing & Niche Talent Acquisition

Executives are now realizing that timely execution of strategic programs to meet business needs is an arduous challenge and requires mature sourcing practices. Quality control cannot be a cumbersome, expensive, and time consuming endeavor as it demands time and energy building and nurturing external and internal relationships. SYNERGY believes that successful startups are ones who incorporate strategy, design, transition, and optimization in their outsourcing systems. Our expertise is in creating a meaningful, sustainable, and high-value outsourcing and talent acquisition impact that is niche to your scale and business model.

Brand Strategy & Social Engagement

Using a portfolio of proven target product placement initiatives, we’ve established strong relationships with industry influencers and social organizations to activate successful product launches. Branding isn’t what it used to be, and in this constantly changing digital world, it’s hard to keep up with the latest marketing concepts and technologies. SYNERGY works with clients to help brand their product launches or services through exposure with social media, rich media, and strategically produced events to ensure and activate an engaged viral marketing campaign.

Technology Implementation & Product Development

Controlling and monitoring the flow of ideas into successful product launches can be daunting for most startups. From concept, development, testing, and final deployment, SYNERGY's staff implements agile development methods where customer feedback is solicited throughout the entire development cycle to allow quicker adjustments and the most accurate usability analysis. This method fuses collaboration among all corporate functions within marketing, development, and finance to ensure your launch is sustainable, scalable, and within budget.


In a fiercely competitive world, we are all looking for every possible advantage - this is why we chose to work with The SYNERGY over the last several years. SYNERGY has a solid track record of establishing highly attractive brands and producing measurable marketing results. Working with SYNERGY has had a profound effect on our business model and strategies, and we look forward to continuing our relationship into the next decade.

- Jena Tang - President, Prestige Communications/State Director, Miss Massachusetts United States Pageant

SYNERGY Consulting has been very instrumental in our expansion overseas. Their leadership team has equipped us with the precise marketing strategy and human capital needed to execute our launches. We are very proud to say that without them, 2014 would not have been such a prosperous year. We are looking forward to growing our relationship with SYNERGY as we build new technologies in newer markets.

Baudelaire St. Louis - C.E.O., Securitech International

I am writing to thank you and your team for the marvelous job you all did. Runway magazines editor in LA has already been in touch to do another editorial on the SS2015 collection & we have taken several individual orders for designs as well.

-Simon Wismayer, Phd. COO - Fluer Keleniza Designs, London




Chief Executive Officer

  • - Product Management and Rollout
  • - Technology Vision Development
  • - Sales Planning
  • - Oursourcing
  • - Leadership Development

Considered a visionary technology leader, Reaz has co-written seven groundbreaking technology books and quickly became one of the nation's youngest authors involved in the internet tech boom of the late 90s. He is a key contributor to various industry trade magazines, and a frequent guest speaker at international business conferences and events from London, UK to Sydney, Australia. Recruited by Marc Andreesen earlier in his career, Reaz's passion for this industry bloomed during his time served as the technology evangelist for Netscape for many years. During his ten years in management consulting with SYNERGY, Reaz continues to help premier, cross-industry organizations using both current and emerging technologies to solve complex business problems, reduce costs, and gain competitive advantages.

By working with major fortune 1000 companies like JP Morgan/Chase, PepsiCo, General Electric and Northrop Grumman, he quickly gained industry acclaim for his ability to analyze, automate and streamline manual processes by building vital business applications. His core competencies lie in business application design and development management; outsourcing management; technical and non-technical product roll outs; creative product branding and marketing; and most recently, strategic event planning and management.

With the recent extension of the SYNERGY event management division, Reaz has designed marketing strategies that allow startups and high-end luxury product companies to reach their target market through customized branding event partnerships, consumer loyalty programs, and experimental social marketing.



Chief Operations Officer

  • - Marketing Know-How
  • - Project Management
  • - Branding Experience
  • - Talent Acquisition
  • - Leadership Management

Executive production consultant, brand innovator, and creative strategist Andy Jacques, has been praised for his proven ability to transform businesses, brands, and creative blueprints from inception to definitive successes. Awarded by the Massachusetts House of Representatives in 1999 as Boston's youngest creative visionary making an impact in his industry, during the past fourteen years of marketing and business development experience, he has been responsible for talent acquisition and resource management for several Fortune 500 clients in the high tech, banking, luxury goods, and retail industries. Andy has coached and lead employee retention, niche executive placement, and organizational development projects for companies such as Proctor & Gamble / Gillette, Bank of America, EMC Corp, and TJX. He has kept his hand on the pulse of what a modern organization desperately needs to establish an attractive corporate culture in today's progressive and diverse 'tech forward' workplace.

Having worked extensively with senior level executives such as marketing directors and business principals, across a number of industries including advertising agencies and public relations firms, Andy has acquired widespread experience. This has been foundational in creating innovative and effective customer experience management programs which has led to customer retention and brand loyalty.

Andy's wealth of practical experience and creative acumen are the foundation of SYNERGY's expansion into creating effective marketing programs, solutions, and specifically executing corporate partnership integration along with corporate sustainability and governance.

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